New EP album Nature of Things available now!

Guitarists and composers Dave Erickson and Jim Carr started New Latitude to share their passion for contemporary instrumental acoustic guitar music.

This symbiotic creation on acoustic guitars is so deeply attractive and utterly artistic with every note played.”  Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“We’ve been witness to the creation of a large magnitude of instrumental music, but rarely are we fortunate enough to listen to instrumental tracks that are so deep, dynamic, and powerful, without ever feeling over-produced or inauthentic.”The Ark of Music

“The genius of a symbiotic partnership is sometimes sublime and always something to treasure, as much can be said for this new single by New Latitude (Dave Erickson and Jim Carr) entitled “Softer than Silence”, this is fluency at its very best, and one can see the inspiration from the acoustic pairing, of an icy start, to a new year of snow in a sparkling pine forest, we have both here and it is indeed beautiful.” Steve Sheppard, One World Music

“The composition is impeccable, as is the production. The melody is as pretty as can be, and the guitar performances flawless.” Dyan Garris, New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), and New Age Notes Radio

“This is a truly delightful song, melodic and uplifting, and one that paints a perfect soundscape of the tranquility and peace that exists in the special beauty of freshly fallen snow.” Dyan Garris, New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter (ZMR), and New Age Notes Radio

“Without ever reading about the song’s origins, the soft and deep acoustic guitars that introduce the song to us evoke feelings of nature and solitude, gently ushering us down the path to tranquility. The riffs are complex but never overpowering, with just enough movement to pique the ear while staying easily memorable – practically the definition of “easy listening”.” The Ark of Music